Official Trademark - DEXTER GORDON® 

The name DEXTER GORDON® is a federally registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and is the sole intellectual property of Dex Music LLC. As such, any interest in using the name DEXTER GORDON® in association with the the American saxophonist, composer, and Academy Award-nominated actor widely known by the same name, for promotional purposes or in any form of commercial activity, should be authorized by way of request for direct license, agreement, or waiver thereof.

Usages include film, print, video, audio, digital, online or any format in which the name DEXTER GORDON® is being prominently used in association with or to promote a commercial entity, brand, service or product.

To request permission to use the name DEXTER GORDON® for explicit business or promotional purposes, please send your inquiry to

Music Licensing

To license Dexter Gordon's original compositions as they appear on original sound recordings, please send a formal request with Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI). For mechanical publishing licensing rights, please contact the Harry Fox organisation.

For synchronization licenses for film and video, please contact the record label owner and publisher of the recording in question.  

To contact us about uncollected royalties or where to send payments, send a message to

Image and Likeness

To request the use of Dexter Gordon's image, voice, or likeness in any commercial publication or production, or for any other intellectual property related issues, inquiries, or requests, please send your inquiry to