Dexter Gordon Solo Transcription Bundle (25 PDF Downloads)

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Twenty five Dexter Gordon solo transcriptions from the following legendary albums and recordings:

  1. Song: As Time Goes By
    Album: Manhattan Symphonie (1978)

  2. Song: Body and Soul
    Art of the Ballad (1970)

  3. Song: Boston Bernie
    LTD (1969)

  4. Song: Cheesecake
    Album: Go (1962)

  5. Song: Cry Me A River
    Album: Dexter Blows Hot and Cool (1969)

  6. Song: Daddy Plays The Horn
    Album: Daddy Plays the Horn (1955)

  7. Song: Darn That Dream
    Album: Daddy Plays The Horn (1955)

  8. Song: Don't Explain
    Album: A Swingin' Affair (1962)

  9. Song: Ernie's Tune
    Album: Dexter Calling (1961)

  10. Song: Everybody's Somebody's Fool
    Album: Gettin' Around (1965)

  11. Song: For All We Know
    Album: Dexterity (1967)

  12. Song: For Regulars Only
    Album: Doin' Alright (1961)

  13. Song: For Sentimental Reasons
    Album: The Jumpin' Blues (1970)

  14. Song: Hanky Panky
    Album: Clubhouse (1965)

  15. Song: Have Yourself A merry Little Christmas
    Album: Gotham City (1981)

  16. Song: I'm A Fool To Want You
    Album: Clubhouse (1965)

  17. Song: Meditation
    Album: Art of the Ballad

  18. Song: Scrapple From the Apple
    Album: Our Man In Paris (1963)

  19. Song: Stairway to the Stars
    Album: Our Man In Paris (1963)

  20. Song: Star Eyes
    Album: Art of the Ballad (1970)

  21. Song: Tanya
    Album: One Flight Up (1964)

  22. Song: Tenderly
    Album: Dexter Blows Hot and Cool (1955)

  23. Song: Three O'Clock
    Album: Go (1962)

  24. Song: Willow Weep For Me
    Album: Our Man in Paris (1963)

  25. Song: You've Changed
    Album: Doin' Algith (1961)